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Restoration of dielectric permittivity of a heterogeneous body placed into a rectangular waveguide according to transmission and reflection coefficients


Ja.T. Megraliev

On the issue of solubility of one boundary-value problem for a pseudohyperbolic quartic with an additional integral condition



Solution of an inverse problem of determining magnetic permeability tensor of a diaphragm in a rectangualr waveguide


I.L.Aleksandrova, N.B.Pleshchinsky

Thin conducting screen in a waveguide structure: the problem of diffraction and the problem of transmission


I.V. Boikov, A.N. Tynda

Diameters of sobolev class functions with boundary peculiarities


V.A. Atryakhin, P.A. Shamanaev

Application of a system of differential equations with a dvergent argument in modeling a process of scientific staff reproduction



V.D. Krevchik, V.N.Kalinin, E.N.Kalinin

D–-center energy spectrumin a quantum constriction given the electric and magnetic fields 


G.A. Egorov, V.M.Zhuravlev

Spectral analysis of wave processes in the Solar atmosphere on the basis of a number of images


V.A. Stepanov

Continuous wave generation of the YAG:Nd-laser at two wave lengths of 1064,15 and 1061,5 nanometers 


O.N. Gadomsky, K.K.Altunin,
A.A. Rusin, E.G. Zubkov

Enhanced optical transmission of composite nanostructures of thick films with quasi-zero index of refraction (II. Theory)


A. V. Silantyev

Effect of deformation on the fullerene С20 energy spectrum 


A.B. Muralev, M.Ju.Tikhonchev,
V.V. Svetukhin

Modeling the cascades of atomic displacements in alpha iron containing simmetrically tilt grain boundary


V.D. Krevchik, M.B.Semenov,
R.V. Zaitsev, K. Jamamoto,
A.K.Aryngazin, P.V. Krevchik

Dissipative tunneling and low-dimension structure optics tunneling and optics 


E.A. Lizina, V.N.Shchennikov,

Stabilization of continuous-discrete system with periodic matrix of coefficients

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